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Friday, June 3, 2011

Anticipation, and good news

In all the hustle of getting ready for this trip, one important key piece of good news got set aside. I want to share it before I leave:

Chawezi has prosthetic legs!

Now in some ways this creates more questions than it answers, for several reasons:
1. We paid for those about a year ago.
2. We just got the photos and report that she got them about 2-3 weeks ago.
3. When did she actually get them?
4. If she has prosthetics, why is she (still, for months) in the hospital for sores and infections created from moving around on the ground?

There may be some good answers to these, like they didn't fit her that well, she got nervous and quit using them, or others. I hope to find out more once I get there. In any case, I tried for three days to upload the photos (thanks mom for scanning them), and to no avail. Oh well. I'll bring back photos of my own to post when I get back.

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