Friday, November 18, 2011

Good news from Malawi!

"No hurry in Africa"

I saw this painted on a piece of wood attached to the back of a truck during one of my trips to Africa when I was with World Vision. And it's really true. Almost nothing moves quickly there. But in the last few months, there has been some really exciting progress with Chawezi.

The key thing: her surgery is complete and she's back at home!

Here's the full update I received via email from staff in Malawi:

Dear friends
We are glad to inform you that Chawezi's situation has improved so greatly
that the doctors certified that she could be discharged from the hospital.

Yes she is much better and the artificial legs were fixed temporarily so
more durable ones will still be needed. Right now she is back at Manyamula.
As advised by the doctors, she needs to be taking more nourishing food
stuffs in order to get the wounds completely healed. My prior request of a
GN was to help the family meet the special  food expenses. So sponsor can
be sending a GN of US$ 100 after every three months atleast for one year.
The ADP can also help in some situations, as it has been  doing currently.

But surely the GN will be  appreciated greatly.

As for the artificial legs, let sponsor continue fund-raising. The ones she
is using currently are indeed heavy and can wear out sooner. We will check
with the hospital how much better legs may cost. As soon as that is done,
we will let you know.

Warm regards

World Vision Malawi

(A 'GN', as referred to in this email, is a Gift Notification, and refers to a monetary donation for specific use in regards to a sposnored child above and beyond the monthly pledge. In this case, they're asking for us to send $100 every three months to pay for additional food supplies to help her continued healing and maximize the effectiveness of some of the meds she's on.)

This is all great news. Aimee and I will be sending a check soon for about six month's worth of the requested donation for extra food supplies. And we're continuing to wait and see what the cost of the new lighter, more durable artificial legs will be.

Thanks for walking this journey with us.

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