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Friday, April 22, 2011

Where do I stay?

The trip is getting closer. I got a tetnus/whooping cough immunization, and perscriptions for Cipro (antibiotics) and Malerone (anti-malaria). Tonight's challenge was to book a hotel.

There are two reasons why this is challenging. First, hotels in smaller African capital cities are not all on the internet, so my options are pretty few. Secondly, I don't know were Chawezi is. Or at least where she will be in early June.

Malawi is not a very big country, but it is big enough that if Chawezi is at home when I arrive, I can't stay in a hotel in the capital the whole trip. It's about a five hour drive each way from Lilongwe (li-LONG-way) to Mzimba, the nearest town of any size to her village. And her village is another 45 minutes or so (on dirt roads) from there. Too far to go back and forth every day.

What if she's still in the hospital? Well, there's another rub. I don't even know what city her hospital is located in, so I still don't know where to stay.

I just went ahead and booked five nights in a hotel in Lilongwe. I hope I can change it far enough in advance if I get more info.

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